Launde Morel

Digital Designer

Pieces from
outer space


Immersive & interactive installation exposed during EPSAA (School of Art & Architecture) open doors day in March 2016.

Discover the installation

I realised a teaser of this project. I filmed and worked alone on the post-production.


For this project we recreated an abandonned piece of spaceship, leading users to diverse interactions forcing him to become actor of his experience. We worked as a duo to set up a real immersive project, using sound design and scenography, to enhance the user's feelings and bathe him into our atmosphere. All this project is lead by a story we imagined, based on a dystopic world.

Our fiction

In a future, not so far away, NASA sends a spaceship to conquer one of the liveable exoplanets, and expands Mens territory. The Passengers are lead by the faith in building a new world, without corruption and based on true and equitables values... In order to stay in contact with the Earth, they have access to a hologram and a lumino-transmitter. Unfortunately, the spaceship crashes on their new planet, Kepler-16B.

Making of.

The installation was made in three days, realised with four high motivated hands. This includes the creation of the electronic platform, and scenography.